Hannah Calverley

Three Dimensional Design


How does location inspire traditional craft? Souvenirs, symbolic tokens of journeys and treasured nostalgic possessions. Every aspect of travelling is not only my biggest source of inspiration, but it is also a passion that I hope will allow me to express myself through my practice in the future. I am a contemporary glass artist. I use traditional processes and techniques to explore and experiment pattern and mark making, inspired by locations and personal experiences. Through a three-part series named LOCATION, I encourage spectators to evaluate the importance of location within the traditions of craft. Through ‘LOCATION-P3’ displayed, I intend to submerge spectators, providing them with a sense of mindfulness whilst also symbolising one of many journeys of a traveller.

Tags: Glass, Glass Art, Glass Blowing, Glass Blowing Techniques, Glass Installtion, Glass Spheres, Handmade, Hot Glass, Innovative, Installation, Italian Glass, Italian Glass Blowing Technqiues, Location, Location Inspired Art, Mark Making, Pattern, Personal Experiences, Tradiitonal Technqiues, Travel, Travel Inspired, Travellers

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