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Andreas Gursky’s photography of supermarkets, museums and unusual activities have encouraged me to question how much of our society and its everyday activities go unnoticed, often busy, built up and hidden. 

Further research into artists who collect information, from the tactile to the conceptual has inspired my own sense of what a collection is all about. Eclectic collections have been the overarching theme throughout this years work. Unusual places, spaces and possessions that have been collected and recorded has inspired and elevated my practice. 

I am a natural hoarder and am fascinated at how and what others’ collect. Through the use of photography, drawing and collage I have been able to develop my colour palette and tactile sensibilities in terms of the unusual yarn combinations that I have chosen to weave into my samples; suitable primarily for the fashion and accessory market.

My future plans include a work placement with Hellen van Rees, a sustainable fashion designer based in Amsterdam.  Following on from this, I intent to apply for a Masters in weaving at the Royal College of Art.

Tags: Accessories, Fashion Fabrics, Luxury, Passementerie, Woven

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