Katie Tomlinson

Fine Art

My practice challenges the reception of painting by bridging the gap between a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional state.

The works are influenced by the theatre technique ‘Breaking Down the Fourth Wall.’ This technique is used in theatre to create intimacy between actor and audience. My practice considers how this technique can be modified to challenge ideas around my paintings. Therefore, I re-create sections of my paintings as objects to break down the barrier between painting and viewer. These installations create doorways into the paintings, inviting the viewer to step into the painting and transition from the literal to the imaginary realm. I want the audience to feel invited into my paintings, to be a guest within the space I have established.

The works depict bizarre narratives which are informed by real life experiences. They are a response to the everyday, intended for and about the contemporary, digital and atemporal world.

Tags: Ceramic, Clay, Collage, Oil Paint, Painting

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