Sonia Kopacz

Interior Design

As a designer I believe that the environment which we are surrounded by is effecting our health. Bad design might be really stressfull and unhealthy. However, a good design where community and environment interact together can improve the health of people and the buildings. 

We currently live in a world where people work long hours to have a better life without noticing how it affects their health. Although design cannot solve this issue, it can certainly aim to improve well-being through quick treatments which will help mainly destress. 

The aim of the space is to provide quick treatments. Urban SPAce is a space where all senses are touched and the mind comes to peace for all the community. Visiting the space will improve overall health and wellness. 

Tags: City, Designer, Destress, Environmental Design, Forest, Health, Healthy Envirnment, Interior Design, Office Workers, Spa, Treatments, Urban

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