Sophie Russell

Three Dimensional Design

I started this project with two things that I love, and through this project I have managed to combine them in to one.

Aerial arts require dexterity, balance and rhythm, these are the qualities that I show in my glass.

When Performing it’s all about concentration, balance, trusting your body and allowing your body to form and take shape of the equipment to allow friction and strength to keep you from falling.

Using glass blowing processes, I have blown and bent the forms across the hoops and around metal poles to reflect my aerial work.

I designed my Glass to sit perfectly balanced on the hoop or bar.

This was achieved by making sure the glass was evenly spread over the bar when blowing in to the glass, and then once cooled sitting it back on to the bar and cutting and polishing to make the piece evenly balanced.

Tags: Aerial, Blown Glass, Form, Performance

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