Maisy Lewin-Sanderson

Illustration with Animation

My work usually revolves around small observations I make, this can be within bars, music venues, whilst sitting on public transport, or walking through the city at night. I draw and make notes of these observations, then later investigate and evolve them into projects. I enjoy capturing and exploring these moments through illustration. 

My work exhibited at degree show is a publication based on bar and music venue Night and Day. The publication intends to capture a little snippet of time from the venue, by documenting the personal experiences, and memories from the owner and promoter of the venue. The publication is predominately illustrated by a mix of paper cuts, collage, and oil pastels, and are accompanied by sections of the interviews.

My characters from my Night and Day project, and Danielles from her reportage project based in Venice have also combined forces to create a large life size installation piece too, featured in the Benzie Foyer at Degree Show. Taking our usual 2D reportage work into a new 3D context! 

Tags: Animation, Artist Book, Book, Character, Collage, Design, Illustration, Laser Cut, Life Size, Mdf, Music, Paper Cut, Publication, Reportage, Trrace

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