Charlotte Tasker

Fine Art and Art History

With ideas of gender fluidity in mind, I develop my work intuitively and also speak for my interest in queer and feminist theory around contemporary art and pop-culture since the 20th Century. Writers such as Laura Mulvey and Judith Butler greatly inspire my way of expressing my own identity alongside questioning social restrictions, idealisms and sexual identity. My aim is to capture an exploration of gender fluidity, not referencing either sex or gender with sexual organs, but to highlight the intensity of physical change and exploration into our own identities. Artists such as Rachel Kneebone challenge my ideas about fine art when I started making 3D sculptures, developing abstract expressionism through female form, and experimenting with different glazes. My recent series called 'Desire & Require' represents how natural these physical elements mean to me through clay, whether the intimacy represents pain or pleasure.  

Tags: Art History, Ceramic, Clay, Conceptual, Desire, Earthenware, Feminism, Fine Art, Gender, Gender Fluidity, Glaze, Pottery, Sculpture, Stoneware

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