Emily Carrington

Fine Art

Emily Carrington takes strong influence from the outdoor environment to develop key themes in her practice. Using digital photography as a key starting point, the artists aims to develop and refine works through a series of vigorous processes. Currently, her practice explores brutalist architecture, with a focus on tower blocks and social housing. Themes of shape, form, manipulation and distortion run strongly through her current practice. The artist predominately works to a large scale, with the intention to give the works a sense of ‘presence’ in a space. This choice runs throughout her practice, and is a reflection on the influences and impacts the outdoor environment gives to the artist and her practice. In her practice, the artist engages with a variety of materials to develop work. More recently, she has begun to source and use materials that relate and have a relationship directly with the subject matter and the key influences that underpin her practice

Tags: Brutalistarchitecture, Digitalphotography, Distortion, Form, Manipulation, Sculpture, Urban

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