Hannah Carroll

Fine Art and Art History

My artistic interests lie in the overlooked parts of the everyday urban landscape. My art-making process has always involved my personal experiences with the city, and as I walk through Manchester I intuitively take snapshots as I see the city in moments of transition. I then use these photos to create oil paintings when I return to the studio. Subjects of my work include forgotten parts of disused buildings; alleyways overturned by nature; or half-finished urban constructions where you can catch a glimpse the concrete skeletons of the latest skyscrapers. When observing this type of construction and architecture around the city I see opportunity, beauty and sublime awe!

For me these liminal moments portray Manchester at its most exciting, as I see the city momentarily let its guard down before retreating once again behind pristine metal and glass.

Tags: Abandoned, Analogue, Architecture, Atmospheric, Awe, Beautiful, Beauty, City, Construction, Drawing, Everyday, Everydayness, Experience, Fine Art, Fine Artist, Flaneur, George Shaw, Intuative, Landscape, Modernism, Oil Painting, Painter, Painting, Personal, Place, Sketching, Space, Sublime, Urban, Urban Landscape, Urban Space

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