Lucy Hilton

Textiles in Practice

I am a Textile Designer specialising in embroidery and mixed media. Colour and composition are important in my practice and throughout of every stage of my projects. I am continuously inspired by my surroundings in particular cities, which drive my projects. With a disciplined eye, I am able to highlight particular detail in things, which inspire me most. 

‘The Changing of Manchester’ has been the underlying concept throughout of my practice, this year, which explores construction work and the changes currently happening around Manchester. Taking inspiration from the composition of building work and the bold colour, this has led me to create a collection of samples which communicate my drawing and visual research through screen-printing processes. 

My aspirations for the future are to gain experience within the textile industry and further develop my skills within embroidery.

Tags: Colour, Composition, Embellishment, Embroidery, Layout, Mixed Media, Scale, Screen Printing, Texture

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