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Interior Design

In a day where our planet as we know it is deteriorating, changes to our lifestyles need to happen. If everyone made small lifestyle change such as a day a week without meat, recycling more and turning off electrics when they aren’t being used could be what the planet needs to survive longer. Education on how to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle is the key to success. People are ignorant to these issues and therefore reluctant to make these changes, as soon as we address the ignorance we can start working at fixing these issues. Flourish was created to provide this education  in an enjoyable atmosphere for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Flourish is a self-sufficient plant based eatery, where an experience is provided in all aspects from your food being grown on site, to interacting with the chefs as your food is cooked in front of you.


Tags: Ecofriendly, Hospitality Design, Interior Design, Living Walls, Restaurant Design, Sustainable Design

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