Ryan Daniel Dilkes

Three Dimensional Design

We promise so much to forever, that we will live in a certain place, and keep certain objects. However, as life changes, so do we. This is inevitable for many people. Our circumstances change or we become interested in something new, meaning our furniture is either discarded, or passed on.

As a socially-led designer, my aim has been to present a balanced approach to design that addresses these issues at hand. To design following these principles by creating simple, structural objects that have many possible applications, with their use to be decided by the user, rather than the designer. The design encourages a resourceful attitude towards materials, with the user being encouraged to find their own surfaces, not buy them.  Attaching these using a clamp fixing, which leaves no mark or trace on the fixed material. Leaving scope for continuous reconfiguration and evolution within a given space. 

Tags: 3d Print, 3d Printing, Cnc, Environmental Design, Furniture, Furniture Design, Multi-functional, Open Source, Product Design, Social Design, Urban, Wood

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