Sophie Brooke

Illustration with Animation

My work for the degree show demonstrates my development for a stop-motion animation based upon intergrating feelings of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The project has acted as a form of therapy for personal past trauma, a deep relationship I wish to highlight as I would like it to extend to help and empower others. My thoughts and questions go far beyond personal experience and challenge the unfathomable concept of what human nature is and its correlation to the unconscious mind. I often create using mixed media as my work is built upon experimental processes, generating metaphorical narratives or abstract imagery. It is because of this my work leans upon sensory aspects of design and how immersive and triggering experiences can be created for an audience in a therapeutic way. This makes my work suitable for collaboration with music or live events and projects based upon tackling emotionally difficult subjects. Currently, I'm building experience to become a qualified art therapist alongside my own artistic practice.

Tags: Art Therapy, Experimental, Human Nature, Mental Health, Oil On Glass, Paper Cut Out, Psychology, Sensory, Stop-motion

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