Warren Reilly

Textiles in Practice

My degree has enabled me to recognise my potential to work within a social and applied artistic world. Specialising in print design while incorporating experimental processes, Conceptual narratives are fundamental within my approach to art and design. Fuelled by a passion for history while being captivated by the world around me, I use this information to explore how the future may unfold.

My FMP - “Mood of the Nation” was created to capture the social and political turmoil that we are experiencing within this country at present. We live in uncertain times and in the current political climate our nation is overwhelmed with unanswered questions. I have applied these emotions through the use of experimental drawing and mark making onto cloth. My work has been showcased on the catwalk and in editorial format. I hope in future to work independently as a designer or within a high-end fashion house or art studio, which focuses on social commentary through design. 

Tags: Applied Artist, Art Direction, Artist, Avant Garde, Collaborator, Concept Development, Digital Print, Editorial, Embroidery, Environmental Design, Experimental, Fashion Design, Fashion Focus, Historical Influence, Mixed Media, Narrative Designer, Performance, Photography, Pictorial Satirist, Political, Print Design, Printmaker, Researcher, Satirist, Screen Print, Social Commentary, Social Critic, Social Design, Trend Forecasting, Word Building, World Builder

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