Zoë Barry


Through photography, moving image, poetry and sound Amorphous examines an ‘in between’ space, the gap between conscious and unconscious thought. It explores the world though a morphing of past and present, fantasy and reality, consciousness and sleep. The work is driven by the idea of a dialogue between human beings and nature, the cyclical state of existing and the pursuit of meaning. Virginia Woolf’s The Waves has given shape to the representation of the sea and a shared sense that the rhythm of the waves is bound up with dissolution of the self and the monotony of time. Equally, water is linked to maternity and the unifying and binding themes of motherhood: love, time, nature and memory. These beautiful, sometimes eerie dream scapes open you up the language of sleep; a place where one’s mind can pour.

Tags: Analogue, Nature, Photography, Portrait, Portraiture

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