Amanda Astall
BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance

Amanda Astall

I am Amanda Astall, and I am an Actor, Artist and Writer based in the Northwest of England. I have always enjoyed creating things and have been a passionate artist and performer for most of my life. My main specialisms are acting for stage and screen, portrait painting, pencil sketches and fiction/non-fiction writing.

My two main creative projects currently are an original solo performance which I created in its entirety called “Do You Feel Happy?” This is a short play that explores the science and psychology behind the concept of happiness and why human beings tend to struggle to be content. When writing this my main aim was to blend performance with my deep interest in biology. I am particularly enthusiastic about this combination as it allows me to challenge the misconception within society that science and art do not co-exist. My vision with this piece is to embody both elements seamlessly to show that they are not mutually exclusive.

The second major performance piece of mine is a short film called “The Drama School” which I co-wrote, co-starred in and co-directed. I also operated as a designer and artist for the piece, creating the posters and programme for the initial screening as well as other art pieces used in the film.

Going forward I intend to continue my writing for both stage and screen as well as explore more factual writing such as journalistic articles and arts reviews. Likewise, I intend to pursue more creative performance work, with particular emphasis on film and voiceover. Additionally, I plan to continue creating artwork using a multitude of mediums and begin talking commissions for my drawings and paintings.