Ben Ho
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Ben Ho

I am a dedicated, self-taught Cinema 4D artist and a graphic designer. Throughout my creative journey, I have experimented around with simple 3D shapes and have used Arnold renderer for the end product. I am looking forward to learning different software such as Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity Blender, DAZ 3D, Zbrush, and Marvelous Studio in the future.

Netflix International is an interactive app that displays Non-English Language Films and TV series for young adults (18-34 years old) around the UK to watch for entertainment.

The campaign of this project is to create an awareness on non-English Content by using Netflix International App and organising pop-up events to appeal to target audience. This improves accessibility and offers the opportunities of travelling to other country to attend to the pop up event. This opens a window of opportunity to learn about different cultures & traditions and exposes viewer to wide range of languages.

The catagories made simpler for user’s navigation. Introducing New N-rating where profession film critics from The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Spectator rate the film or episodes to inform the audience.

The Netflix Quick Laugh uses a funny short story and shares them to Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.