William Hook
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

William Hook

Hi I'm Will

Im a graphic designer with a passion for branding and creating full brand identity's, from image making to creating and manipulating type creating a brands identity has been my main enjoyment throughout university.

Globe Zoo is a branding project that focused on the them of exploration and creating a full identity for a zoo that is set in the dystopian future. Visitors of the park are able to view the world as it once was and the animals that use to inhabit it. My logo uses a typeface i created, a sans serif that is bold and rounded to speak to a younger audience but also work with my advertising. The G symbol created using the head of the elephant can be swapped and changed depending on the area of the park.

Immerse was a branding project in collaboration with Public London, they set a project to create a brand for the metaverse and imagine how it may live within a digital world. I decided to create a cinema brand and imagine how the film industry would take the next step. The idea being centred around immersing the user completely into the film with the use of virtual reality my branding focuses around the idea of stretching like a widescreen cinema.