Charlotte Cameron
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Charlotte Cameron

As a graduating designer, I focus on creating spaces that allow the users to interact and create responses to the space. This entails focusing on designing smaller details and activities whilst also looking into bigger aspects like circularity and research, and how that can evolve and change your design choices.

Each Other x Commonword

This project focuses on creating a retail, social, and learning space which is based on forming communities and enabling the public to acquire the knowledge of Each x Other and the work Commonword do.

The design concept of this space combines both brands with the aim of encouraging communities to form connections based on common interests, and also forming resourceful and sustainable ideas on the reuse of clothing. This allows the surrounding community to experience entertainment via the live literature shows. The unique listening experience of the retail space also provides an accessible sensitive activity to the consumers. Additionally, the ground floor provides a main retail space containing Each x Other clothing, providing the brand with a permanent space which they currently don’t possess.

Each Other Workshop

Each Other Workshop encourages creatives to recycle and create a new life for old items of clothing by having a workshop space which allows them to embroider and screen print poetry onto clothing. The space has a large reception zone which allows customers to both gain information and grab a coffee. The space also offers a retail zone where people can buy blank items to have in the workshop to keep and make their own.