Lydia Hill
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Lydia Hill

As a surface pattern designer, I am continually inspired by the beauty of the natural world around me. My designs explore how I can use this inspiration to transform spaces into an oasis of colour and pattern, in a variety of styles.

Illustration and Photography are integral to my practice. I often combine these to create interesting visual effects, that can then be brought to life using the endless possibilities of sustainable digital printing.

Reflecting on the past is another important step in my design process, whether it be through using traditional methods, archives or even by exploring endangered wildlife. My designs often act to preserve these moments, and as a result, contain layers of meaning within them, for those who want to look deeper.

My final two collections, Recollection and Digital Blooms, both explored the idea of preservation, but in varying ways.

Recollection is made up of designs for wallpaper and soft furnishings, in a sophisticated colour palette. Inspired by archival designs, I aimed to mimic trailing patterns, but with a modern twist. Further interested in the changing British landscape since, some designs depict extinct or endangered British wildlife; Whilst aiming to preserve and highlight their transience, it is also a reminder of the need to protect these fragile species.

Digital Blooms playfully explores preserving modern and flourishing botanicals for future archives, using a fresh colour palette. By combining botanical photography and spraypainted floral silhouettes, I have created a collection of whimsical designs suitable for murals, wall art, wallpaper, and soft furnishings.

My approach to designing is very fluid and can adapt to suit a variety of styles, colour palettes and outcomes. Whether it be for home furnishings, home décor, art prints, accessories, or even giftware, my passion for creating unique and captivating print designs always stays the same.