Rose Rushton
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Rose Rushton



My Degree Show projects are a culmination of research towards the rise of spirituality and esoteric interests during the Covid-19 national lockdown. The two projects work together to dispel misconceptions and to further promote the self-sustainability ideology this community shares.

Infuse is a tearoom for herbal remedies to alleviate stressors caused by urban living. The space is designed with a fixed path and stations throughout for customers to create their own teas, encouraging mindfulness and connectedness to their tea ritual. Infuse uses earthy tones to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It considers community as well as privacy in the space by using curtain partitions to softly separate those focusing on their meditative tea ritual. These thin fabrics diffuse light, creating a soft ambience for patrons.

Paracentral gives the esoteric community a physical space to learn, practice, and gather. It carries the concept of Infuse with a tearoom, and additional retail spaces for the independent businesses that grew during England's National Lockdown. Upstairs has private rooms for self-reflection, group rituals, and esoteric service providers – this supports those integral to the community by offering a physical space for their niche businesses. Lower ground holds a library of resources for broadening knowledge, as well as a large seminar room for mind-body classes, or community discussions. Each floor has a pathway central to the design - this marks the physical and mental transition through the space, and the visitor’s esoteric journey represented through Tarot card’s major arcana. Paracentral is a space dedicated to community, learning, and acceptance of the often stigmatised.

I’d like to work in developing contextual and atmospheric designs with my experimental attitude, and additional interest in customer experience. I’m looking for a position which will nurture and utilise my capabilities whilst pushing my design thinking.