Sirisopha Sitthiphone
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Sirisopha Sitthiphone

Hi, I'am Angie Sirisopha Sitthiphone. I'm truly passionate in architecture, art and design. Eager to learn and develop new skills to improve my work performance. I'm willing to gain more practical experience in the creative design industry.


TRAID Neighbours; a community upcycling workshop and meeting space, which aim to promote the harmful effect of fast fashion and increase awareness of sustainable fashion in society.The concept of this project is “Patchwork” - a method that helps to give waste fabrics a second life. The connection of different fabrics refers as bringing people together in the community no matter how different they are. One main characteristic of this building is the use of textiles and fabrics in the interior, which create a sense of space for visitors.


TRAID Repair, a pop-up store of TRAID Neighbours. The store will be located in the city centre, which aim to encourage people to know more about TRAID activities and take part in community upcycling workshops. The concept of this project came from the words “Interweave, patchwork and interconnection”. The floor plan is designed to have a connected journey which aims to increase the flow movement in the store. One characteristic of this store is connected furniture which combines the workshop space and retail area. Textile walls and fabric ceilings are also used in the space to attract people in and show the character of TRAID.