Amelia Smith
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Amelia Smith

As a knitted textile designer, my foremost focus has always been on crafting vibrant and joyful creations that exude a sense of funkiness and fun, combined with playful surface textures. Throughout my time at university, I have been propelled by a profound passion for embracing design freedom, consistently producing colorful textiles driven by personal enjoyment.

Within my practice, I derive great satisfaction from exploring the possibilities of manipulating knitted fabrics beyond the machine. This entails hands-on experimentation, sometimes employing a mixed media approach. Additionally, I embellish selected knits to impart a refined and polished aesthetic to my samples, effectively showcasing my distinct artistic style. 

Cucumber Craziness is my final body of work which I shall showcase at the degree show. It represents the culmination of my exploration of otherworldly and extra-terrestrial designs intertwined with elements of the deep sea. Through the deliberate incorporation of lively hues and dynamic textures, this outcome aspires to evoke a sense of joy and playfulness, encouraging viewers to interact with the piece. The intention is to establish an engaging and cohesive visual and tactile experience that resonates with the audience.

The focal point of my final project revolves around “Holothuroidea,” more commonly known as the sea cucumber, owing to its distinctive forms and bizarre appearance. These captivating creatures have served as my primary muse, influencing the evolution of my design concepts, manifested through intricate three-dimensional knitted structures. This body of work spotlights my affinity for fabric manipulation and post-machine techniques, exemplifying a selection of my preferred materials and methodologies that have been refined over an extensive three-year period.