Anna Billany
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Anna Billany

ALTR Memory

I'm Anna, a multi-media visual artist from Sunderland, currently based in Stockport/Manchester. 

Influenced by the cyberfeminists of the 1990s and the glitch feminists of now, ALTR Memory is an installation piece intended to invoke a feeling of existing in a digital realm. Will your real 'AFK' self and digital self be the same person truly? ALTR Memory was housed at my debut event, Chromophilia, which took place in April 2023 alongside 50+ other artists who showcased their amazing works. 

Throughout my entire final year I have researched this cyberfeminist ethos in which I can apply my multi-media ways of working, weaving together 2D and 3D design with textile elements and hands-on techniques. Each outcome has varied from fabric print, to zine-making to animated videos. My main motivations of creating have always been taking digital art and seeing how they can be applied in a tactile format, such as print and riso. Experimentation underpins everything I do, and I strive to make interesting outcomes in whatever medium I feel like that day. 

Outside of Manchester School of Art, I co-own Roots Riso press in Underbank Studios, Stockport with 4 other Manchester-based creatives, which focuses on community-led practice. Working freelance externally and with this studio has completely transformed my views on art and design, and can be seen as my body of work has changed so much throughout my studies.

IwA allowed me to flourish with working with experimentation, and I now have a visual language and way of working that I am proud to show as part of my final year degree show. 

Design Award Shortlisted