Bronwyn Paxton
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hi, I'm Bronwyn Paxton. I am a Manchester based graphic designer, with my main interests including branding and editorial work.

My enthusiasm for graphic design was first sparked through my art foundation diploma, allowing me to explore my illustration and love for design. Over the last few years my style has included a mix of digital, UX, print making, typography and multimedia. I have enjoy adding my personality to a brief while working towards the audience and guidelines.

One of my most recent projects that was in collaboration with PUBLIC London was to produce an insect food brand, leading me to create Grubby's a cricket based pizza restaurant and takeaway. In this I challenged the negative stereotypes and associations of insects by creating a language tool kit with humours and cheeky slogans for my main brand identity, while following a retro and colourful aesthetic. Another of my recent projects features Let's Link? for creative conscience, where i created an activity based campaign to bring the younger and older generations together within communities. This challenged my design style as although wanting it to look visually exciting and modern, it needed to be easy to communicate and understandable between two different age ranges. This meant my design decisions were carefully thought out and refined before getting to my end product.

I am excited about where my next design challenge may be after university, and where it might lead me into the future.