Danny Lillico
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Danny Lillico


I am a designer focusing on using reportage techniques to document identity and connection.

I use observational drawing as a large part of my process taking inspiration from the people and the world around me, in this project I used the location of gay village in manchester as a place to draw inspiration from. In addition to first hand drawing tactile pieces have become a very important part of my design practice with the creation of prints, wood cuts and particularly textiles being a crutial outcome of my work. 

My final pieces at the end of this year included the creations of a series of four final illustrative pieces. A large collage piece using fine illustrations and bold patterns that was printed onto a 1x2 metre section of fabric. A series of observational drawings with text done in manchester gay village and a series of laser pattern wood cuts taking floral motifs and mixing them with imagery from the illstrations all can be seen on my website.