Ellie Egerton-White
BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Ellie Egerton-White

Always Returning

Working as an independent practitioner on every film, each body of work I produce serves as a personal exploration of the ‘self’. Using the creative process as a medium for deeper self understanding and healing, my films reflect on themes such as memory, trauma and personal connection to the land. On my latest film Always Returning, I have collaborated with voice artist Dianna Lopez to create a highly intuitive piece that I feel is the best example as my work not only as a cinematographer but also as an independent practitioner.

Synopsis: Always Returning is an introspective short film which reflects on the three stages of personal healing: emotional integration, acceptance and reconnection. Through a gentle and meditative approach, the filmmaker examines the symbolic meaning of the elements through the use of striking visual imagery and poetry. 

Always Returning highlights the importance of self work and displays that through nature, we are always able to come home to ourselves.