Eva Fernandez
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

The Chilean Connection

My work includes a combination of handcrafted embroidery and digital illustrations to rediscover my Irish and Chilean heritage. Inspired by my family’s experiences during the Pinochet regime and their refuge to Manchester, I draw inspiration from the influential Arpilleras movement (Chilean tapestries that depict oppressive scenes during the time of the Pinochet Regime) and utilize a mix of embroidery and illustration as a powerful form of expression. My artistic exploration delves into the generational trauma of my cultural backgrounds, shaping my artistic style. Through my creative process, I weave together the threads of my past, present, and future, reclaiming my roots and giving voice to my art. My work reflects the strength and beauty that emerge from the fusion of diverse cultural legacies.

"The Chilean Connection" is inspired by my father's collection of archived photographs that document his upbringing in Hulme and musical pursuits with Fuse, a Latin Reggae band he formed with my uncle in 1980s, serves as the core inspiration for my artwork. Using illustrations to bring my father's photography back to its roots in Hulme, which now intersects with the Manchester Metropolitan University campus, I delve into the historical backdrop that shaped our family. This artwork pays tribute to our heritage while celebrating the cultural vibrancy and historical significance of Manchester. Through intertwining elements from my family's narrative, the archived photographs, and Fuze's musical journey, my goal is to create a piece that encapsulates my upbringing and the profound impact of Manchester on our lives. 

Design Award Highly Commended Vertical Gallery Commission