Eve Frances Schroeder
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Practice Based Research, Exploring Fat Justice in Contemporary Arts Practises

Eve is an illustrator and maker who works towards meaningful outcomes that are supported by research, exploration of process and seeking enjoyment. 

Through examining mainstream depictions of the fat body by artists/designers and activists and questioning their success at portraying the fat body in a considered meaningful way Eve has established a comprehensive understanding of how and why art and activism can work together to destigmatize the fat body. From this research they have created a large body of work that more accurately and more positively represents the fat body.

They have explored a variety of processes whilst exploring this research; in final outcomes have chosen to use textiles to communicate. This is a meaningful decision to Eve as they are deeply moved by the historic relationship between community, activism and textile work. They are passionate about finding as much enjoyment in creating and as possible, with a preference to tactile processes such as textiles and ceramics. Process and making therefore play a large role in Eve's practice.

Eve has also expressed the importance of making and creating in a collaborative sculptural piece with friend and peer Mia Thompson. Together they completed a project titled Being Big for the Vertical Gallery.  This project was an exploration of feeling human, and wanting to make art that celebrates improving mental health. A big inspiration for this piece was the universal calming effect of feeling the sun on your face, and how it can ground you in the moment. 

Design Award Winner Vertical Gallery Commission