Freya Macdonald
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice


As a textiles print designer, my creative process is deeply rooted in initial drawing and photography investigations, enabling me to delve into the exploration of unique textures and shapes.  I embrace a tactile approach to design which I then enjoy combining with digital techniques to further refine. In my practice, both trend research and product development play vital roles in achieving my ultimate goal of creating industry-standard collections for interior contexts.

One of my recent projects, titled "Links," is a bold and expressive collection specifically designed for upholstery furnishing. It draws it’s inspiration from my family connection to the Highlands of Scotland through it’s array of drawing and colour. With a focus on shape and movement, the "Links" collection aims to infuse spaces with a sense of playfulness, inviting individuals to engage with their surroundings and create exciting experiences within the interior environment.