George Crow
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hey, I’m George.

I’m a designer from Manchester and I love experimenting with print, photography and design in the realm of archive. I always feel more connected to a piece of art that’s rough around the edges and I love studying the ethnography of art forms and archive material.

Most recently I’ve been exploring the importance in educating ourselves in the context of the 21st century through archive with my latest publication - “Incendiary Content’, a retrospective on the radical eco-activist group, the Earth Liberation Front. My favourite part of every project is embracing my morbid curiosity in the things that I’m interested in, taking my time in discovering more about niche subjects like this.

I enjoy learning about & exploring formats and techniques that I’m unfamiliar with, and generally learning more about the industry of design, something I’m looking to do post-university.

Cheers for your time and checking my work out!