Hannah Arksey
BA (Hons) Photography

An Ode to British Iconography

Hannah Arksey is a British Photographer based in Manchester. Orginally from Hull, Hannah explores ideas of masculinity, politics and stereotypes. Through the use of photography and film, she primarily explores the youth and subcultures. Her work is heavily inspired by the early 80s and 90s, she turns most of her attention to the music and football culture and the ways in which these things relate to her family. Hannah strives to create a feeling of nostalgia through her practice, working with themes of time, presenting youth culture in it's rawest form. Hannah captures snapshots of the lives she is a part of, keeping her work personal and meaningful. Using her upbringing in East Yorkshire, Hannah investigates masculinity and the typical 'male interest', relating to the music scene of the 70s, 80s and 90s, the football culture whilst also highlighting the social and political philosophy of this time. An ode to British Iconography exposes the relationship Hannah has with her dad and his relationship with the North, specifically Newland Avenue in Hull, where he grew up. She pays a homage to the people and the places that have shaped her northern identity, sustaining relatability to an audience whilst maintaining aspects that are personal to her. The work itself defines everything British, the artist takes a parody aproach when discussing the more serious themes of politics and the glorification of England through the medium of textiles, whilst including sensitivity and vulnerability through her short film and casette tape and newspaper.