Hannah Ryan
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Hannah Ryan

Interlingua x Extant

As a designer, I enjoy conceptualising spaces in an innovative and playful manner to engage and aid the community, whilst acknowledging and accentuating the identity of that space.

Interlingua -

With nearly 200 languages in Manchester, Interlingua is a devoted language destination that focuses on connecting the communities of Manchester through group-based language learning. Interlingua then transforms into an event space showcasing spoken performances, movie nights, language themed events and more.

It also features a dedicated research hub ‘Revive’ to help expand the rare languages in Manchester to prevent their extinction.

Interlingua’s design was conceptualised through the words ‘Auricular’, ‘Bind’, and ‘Patchwork’. These were the foundations for design choices and ensured that the identity of Manchester was ingrained into form, materiality, and atmosphere.

Extant -

Extant is a temporary pop-up workshop that features one of Manchester’s rare language speakers to inform users of their culture and language through conversation, story-telling, books and artefacts. Users will then use this information as inspiration to create a design for lino-printing. One of their prints can be redeemed for a free language taster lesson at Interlingua.

The design was inspired by the Gutenberg Press but has been adapted to completely ‘close down’ at the end of the day and packed into one structure. 

Design Award Shortlisted