Hannah Whittaker
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hannah Whittaker

Brand Design & Brand Strategy

Hi, I’m Hannah. I have a passion for brand design and digital illustration. I love to explore different mediums and combine a traditional and contemporary practice to create something new. I enjoy staying fit, which has motivated me to participate in many group and team building events. From climbing mount Cnicht, to winning gold as part of a synchronised swimming team. My experiences have involved me in leadership roles and provided me with a respect for teamwork. I believe that design should be used to advocate positive change, my career aspirations are to work in a studio environment that focuses on brand design and identities that do so. 

Intolerable is my response to a brief that asked me produce and design a dynamic brand identity for a unique festival experience. Intolerable is a rebellious food festival that has been designed exclusively for people with allergies. The aim is to disrupt the stereotypes, to celebrate what makes you UNIQUE, and make the "normal" people feel as though they are the inconvenience.

Human After All Stuidio, London, approached design students with a brief that asked us to create a brand identity for the news and careers platform, Need To Know. This brief prompted me to consider the needs and aspirations of the brand and its target audience of young adults. My response was to create a visual language where the audience can use colours and shapes to identify specific news topics, without the use of click-bait, or deceptive headings.