Jack Harrison
BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

Jack Harrison

Subverting Expectations

Hello, I’m Jack, and I create art that is predominantly rooted in the digital side of art as well as expanding into the physical world. I find taking digital starting points or processes into the physical and meshing them together either seamlessly or obviously, extremally interesting as it allows me to think more limitlessly as I am not restricted by cost, size or space meaning I can endlessly generate interesting and intriguing shapes and forms. My physical work usually includes Metal, but I have also explored Wood, Glass and Ceramics and feel confident I could design, if not create, within any of these disciplines.

As an artist, I am always attracted to high contrast, bold artwork that visually stands out from the setting, or art that has a significantly deeper meaning that is hinted at but never explicitly stated, and therefore the meaning is unique to each person who views and analyses the work.

I am mostly inspired by historical objects and fantasy concepts, and from time to time, contemporary art. I find the function of objects fascinating and how through out history, crafts people have almost always found a way to create function objects with ornamentation, even during times of great strife, such as dealing with the build-up and aftermath of war. I also like the, letting go of reality and fully delving into the make-believe or fantasy worlds, either medieval or futuristic, and how the objects within these realities are often the cause, or a response to the setting they live in.

I want to create work that is graphic in nature, either due to the forms, the colour scheme or the medium, that also has the added depth of making the audience think about what they are viewing and why I have made it that way.