Jake Metcalf
BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Jake Metcalf

My name is Jake Metcalf, I have studied filmmaking at Manchester School of Art for three years, progressing my knowledge of writing and directing. 

I knew early on that this was the role for me as I loved the process of crafting a narrative and working with actors and crew to make it come to life. Through my time studying I have managed to create three short films to take into the industry. With each short, I have noticed a thematic progressing through manipulation of naturalistic storytelling. I have found an interest in positioning a story within a naturalistic setting, but then imbedding a surreal circumstance. For example, a story of a mother and her child, but the child's best-friend is his right-hand which has its own personality. 

In my final year of study, I was able to craft this intention to pose major, moral dilemmas on an audience. I could create very relatable emotions and debates through surreal concepts. I'm excited to take this process into the industry as it proved a really effective hook for an audience. Going into the future, I'll look to gain a wider audience, striving to get into festivals and achieve distribution for my films. 

I want to keep collaborating with other creatives and keep making films. It's important to maintain the momentum gained from university, and making films is how I'll do it!