Jessica Pardoe
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Jessica Pardoe

Illustrator and Designer based in Manchester.

Research is the most important component of my creative practise, and it pervades all of my creative endeavours. My visual storytelling concentrates on British mythology, history, and culture, thus my goal is to make aesthetically descriptive pictures that are appealing and accessible to a wide audience.

By mixing traditional illustration techniques (printmaking, drawing) with digital (Adobe Suite, Procreate), I have gained a significant number of illustrative abilities which I enjoy merging in the form of Mixed Media across various stand-alone illustrations and projects. However, my illustrated style is constantly altering, depending on the subject matter. Being a mixed media illustrator, I believe, expresses my personality as an illustrator and creator on the one hand, and a complete epistemophile on the other!

Throughout Final Year, I immersed myself in engaging with History, both personal and cultural, to create visually interesting compositions in the form of printed digital illustrations. Along with this, I experimented with woodworking, printmaking, RISO-Graph printing, and expanding my digital Adobe Suite skills in Final Year, which I hope to use for further inspiration through experience after my degree as a freelance illustrator while studying for a PGCE with QTS in Design and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University.