Joesph Flynn
BA (Hons) Photography

Joesph Flynn

When we break through the clouds.

Joseph William Flynn is an artist from North Wales currently based in Manchester, through using still life photography he captures the youth culture he witnesses on the daily, combined with his contemporary editing techniques, the work exists as a collection of moments often presented in a stylized fashion. He achieves this by this by taking analogue and digital practises and combining the two, creating interesting textures and colours. Favouring the tangible over the digital, Flynn’s work is often presented through zines, using the medium is interesting ways to add further depth to his work, paying close attention to layout and narratives, his future work is rooted within the bindery.

Flynn’s art can be found under the name ISTHISYOURCHILD online where he creates bound pieces consisting of various artistic mediums and contemporary narratives that flow throughout his work.

His most recent project, When we break through the clouds is a collection of work presented in zine form ( zine titled The Sun Beaming ), the work encapsulates Flynn’s personal feeling of freedom, understanding what joy means to him and how that can be represented in multiple different ways. Flynn curated a collection of images from this project into his degree show piece, treating his wall space like a single body work.