Jose Serra
BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Jose Serra


Introducing myself, Jose Serra, also known as Zezito03. Born in Portugal and immigrated to England at a young age, I have explored and developed my identity through art. The various mediums I have explored have helped me retell the stories of those around me, including myself, and have ultimately highlighted the resilience and growth by which we lead our lives.

My insatiable curiosity is the driving force for my exploration of ,and within, mediums; as I continue to experiment with film, photography, music, and fashion - simultaneously using it to develop and express myself and my discoveries.

"Zezito" (little Jose) is the nickname that my family call me and, appropriately, that I have adopted for my creative endeavours. Although I passionately apply myself to every pursuit, it will always stem from the inner child that wants to learn more about the world: the cultures within, the identites, and every nuance contained.