Joshua Porter
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Joshua Porter

Cicada Mind Fuel - Hack your mind and join the sustainable food revolution.

Cicada is my solution to the Public Unit X brief, which seeks to promote a more sustainable food system by changing the way Western cultures view insects as a viable food source. Specifically targeting young, health-conscious individuals who prioritise environmental sustainability, Cicada draws inspiration from the Cicada 3301, the world's most significant internet mystery that has gained a large cult following. By using insects as a primary ingredient and creatively incorporating them into their brand identity, Cicada aims to disrupt traditional food systems and revolutionise the way people perceive insect consumption. 

Through the Cicada Mind Fuel project, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise as a web designer, motion designer, UX designer, video editor, and brand identity developer. I created an engaging website that effectively communicated the project's vision and values while utilising dynamic animations and seamless transitions to enhance user experience. Additionally, I crafted captivating promotional videos showcasing the seriousness of the food shortage dilemma that we are facing and the benefits of Cicada Mind Fuel. The project allowed me to showcase my multifaceted talents and passion for creating innovative and sustainable solutions in the food industry.

Check out the live Cicada website -

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