Lee Wilson
BA (Hons) Product Design

Lee Wilson

PIC (Plug in Connect)

I have a strong interest in the transformative potential of design in improving people's lives. Throughout my research, I have focused on the future of domestic spaces and the technological advancements that drive and shape them. The primary objective of my project is to contribute to the well-being of future generations by automating the energy sources within households, ultimately leading to cost savings. As a product designer, my ultimate goal is to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of residential environments, utilizing technology as a powerful instrument for positive change. By doing so, I aspire to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the overall betterment of our world.

In my view, truly exceptional designs are often seamlessly integrated into everyday life, becoming imperceptible to the public eye. I firmly believe that my abilities as a designer enable me to bridge the gap between the realm of science fiction and the present reality, offering unique perspectives and solutions. By leveraging futuristic concepts and translating them into practical applications, I aim to foster innovation and bring about advancements that resonate with people's lives today.

With my passion for design and  commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, I am confident in my ability to make significant contributions that transcend the boundaries of conventional thinking. By merging visionary ideas with tangible outcomes, I strive to inspire and engage individuals, elevating the human experience and pushing the boundaries of what is currently deemed possible.

Design Award Shortlisted