Lily Bisseker
BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Lily Bisseker

I work as an audio visual filmmaker, with a focus on sound and installation.

My sound often takes form in abstract use of foley, inspired by the works of Mark Jenkin and Derek Jarman. 

During my third year at university I worked on two major films, DECOMPRESSION and Kitchen Dongle. 

DECOMPRESSION is a short documentary, relaying the memories of a deep sea diver, who works building and dismantling oil rigs for six months of the year, 100m under. This is accompanied by an audio visual montage, showing shots from his workplace alongside drone and GoPro footage of the sea. The audio is a voiceover by the diver himself from an interview, with a mix of underwater and cello sounds. I worked on almost every aspect of this film; directing, producing, editing and sound design. 

Kitchen Dongle, is a narrative film about a couple navigating memory loss issues in a world of over complicated technology. Here I worked alongside the director on both the sound design and artist direction. I like to use contemporary use of sound recording to build scapes, which you can hear in both these films. 

Alongside these projects, I have been working in a team of filmmakers, creating AV work to promote a new music festival (Beyond the Music) starting this year in Manchester. The film was released at SXSW festival in Texas and played before New Order went on stage. This working relationship is continuing after the uni, with other freelance opportunities. 

As well as this I have a love for animation, which I have explored throughout my degree. 

See stills and videos below: