Lucianne Canavan
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Multidisciplinary Artist-Designer

As an Artist-Designer interested in sustainable textiles and creative wellbeing, my work focuses on using textiles to communicate with the audience whilst creating a tactile experience. I use various weave and embroidery techniques with an emphasis on sustainability, working primarily with found materials and natural fibres, including discarded clothes. I am passionate about personal and emotional expression and connecting with people through fibre to encourage a sense of both creative and sustainable well-being. Inspired by fashion and excited by the philosophical notions surrounding the clothes we wear as they carry us with our thoughts and feelings whilst serving as a barrier of protection. My work aims to blur the lines between fashion and art, exploring fun and sustainable design through upcycled clothes and mending, whilst practicing creative expression by utilising image, text, tactility, and colour. 

Vertical Gallery Commission