Max Chandler
BA (Hons) Fine Art

A Shrine to Queer Love

My work is a form of self-expression, a tool to communicate, and a love language.

Through my art I explore themes of love, comfort, vulnerability, and gender; creating pieces that are deeply personal and emotionally resonant. I aim to create art that is both beautiful and honest, yet ominous and uneasy, capturing the complexity and richness of the human experience.

I use painting as a medium for communication and reflection, often focusing on my relationships with the people around me or embracing and accepting myself. Each painting is a moment of my life, documented and memorialised. The people I paint are the people I love and people whom I value. My paintings, in turn, serve as a small expression of my gratitude and recognition for these people.

Queer culture is deeply rooted throughout all aspects of my work and is an integral part of my artistic expression. As a queer non-binary artist, it is my intention to explore what queer identity means to me, and the experiences of other queer individuals. My paintings reflect my own experiences, focusing on gender identity, queer love, and detaching myself from the male gaze, social norms and expectations.