Megan Lodge
BA (Hons) Fine Art

Art Student

This animation and installation project was motivated by an experience I had where I was advised, as an art student, to reduce my hours at work in order to spend more time focusing on my studies. As someone from a working-class background, this was not feasible and it therefore compelled me realise that students from wealthier backgrounds are more likely to succeed in education as they have the funds to be able to devote their time solely to university. The research I have carried out for this project, combined with my own experience, has lead me to the conclusion that the traditional fine art sphere isn't accessible to everyone, and is very exclusive as per most spheres in capitalist society. My work aims to interrupt that exclusivity to discuss political, environmental and art world-based issues from a working-class and socialist perspective. The use of craft and animation serves as a palatable, engaging way to stay informed. As a working-class person with learning disabilities, the issues my piece talks about are very personal to my own experiences. My goal is for others that relate to take some satisfaction from seeing the industry criticised within its own walls, and for viewers to learn about or relate to the specific topics discussed.