Millie Clarke
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Millie Clarke

Little Island

Hi, I’m Millie Clarke and I am a highly motivated and confident graphic designer with a passion for brand design, typography and content creation. I enjoy working collaboratively in a team as well as independently working well under pressure.

I have found myself particularly enjoying brand design and the opportunity it holds to create a wide range of visual identities that can be completely unique to communicate with the target audience. 

During my final year projects, I was given the opportunity to get a more in depth understanding of brand design and how this is communicated to capture the audience by exploring typography, colour, sustainable designs and graphic elements. 

Little Island, an oasis for New Yorkers, is an elevated public park located over the Hudson River. I was inspired by the overall feel, vibe and structural design of this magnificent park and turned it into a working display typeface. The curves on each character have been drawn and positioned at slightly different heights to represent the 'tulip pot' modules that form the surface structure of the park. No two pots are the same making each character completely unique. As part of this project I also rebranded Little Island using my font design. I designed a new logo, colour palette and visual identity applying this to several touchpoints, such as banners, sunbeds and merchandise for the park. 

I am a down to earth and calm person and very excited to start my career working in a design studio to continue and develop my passion for graphic design.