Orlaigh Mckenna
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Orlaigh Mckenna

Circadian - Co-working and Childcare

Circadian is a design response to working environments for parents post-pandemic. Providing a new space for convenient hybrid-working with on-site childcare. Throughout final year my focus has been on how working environments impact women through their physical design and lack of consideration. Circadian was an extension to my dissertation "Gender Biased Spaces: Physical or Psychological Barriers".

The design philosophy for Circadan was focused on creating an environment for progression in society. The space wanted to make it possible for all genders to combine childcare and work to anticipate the direction of equally involved parental figures. The design challenged conventional office stereotypes and embraced unconventional materials and forms.

The target audience are busy professionals who struggle to find balance in their 9-5 jobs and are looking for a convenient and comfortable solution to combine work and childcare routines. The location of the project is the George Leigh Street School in Ancoats, a complimentary building with a history of school children and routine, featuring a rooftop playground that will be revived.

Within my design process I value research around Activism based projects and using them for a positive influence. I hope to bring this perspective into my professional practise.