Poppy Thorne
BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

The Result of Sacrifice is Success

My name is Poppy Thorne and I specialise in making art jewellery. My work is driven by narratives of the human condition and collective experience’s which stems from my fascination with people and howe we operate in and out of social constructions. My work is a personal response to everyday occurrences and observations with an aim to create dialogue as well as evoke associations, memories and emotions for wearers and viewers. Creating almost entirely with traditional processes I use a hybrid of precious and non-precious materials using their material properties and culture to guide thinking.

 My jewellery collection Success is the Result of Sacrifice is an autobiographical commentary on the ambivalence of girl to womanhood, with a particular focus on identity, belonging and perceptions. Each piece is imbued with a personal story told through symbolic forms and materiality. The necklaces are an amalgamation of my own history and observations while being rooted in the collective shared experiences of being a woman.

The use of adornment to convey these narratives reflects the way I use adornment to speak for me. By treating adornment as costume, it allows me to pick and choose how I want to be seen depending on environment, social group or feelings on a given day. A learnt defence mechanism to protect myself but my most favoured form of authentic expression.