Rakasha Dressler
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Rakasha Dressler

Unruly Tides

With a strong focus on colour and tactility, my work explores the relationship between humans and materials using harmoniously interwoven narratives. I am interested in socially responsible design and how we interact with nature as a society.

Naturally sourced, unpredictable colour palettes and hand-crafted techniques work symbiotically within my practice. Combining these techniques allows me to create work that is informed by the natural world and its cycles yet touches on human-centred themes. These themes include identity, community cooperation, and design activism. 

Research and explorative study are integral to my practice. My research consists of contextual and primary sourcing of information, as well as testing materials and multimedia combinations in a playful way. I use considered neuroaesthetics and verbal communication to convey ideas within my practice.

Alongside my practical work, I am passionate about writing and uncovering stories. My writing process often includes inquisitively speaking to people for insight or recounting my personal experiences. I believe this passion feeds into my design practice and informs my creations. 

Design Award Shortlisted