Sophie Wisedale
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Sophie Wisedale

Hi, I’m Sophie. A Graphic Designer based in Manchester who loves to work with print, paper, typography, and book design. Following graduation, I aspire to work within book design, but I am open to opportunities with a focus on print and/or typography.

I explored my interest of book design, with two of my recent projects. ‘CMYK: Factory Yellow’ celebrates G.F Smith’s Colorplan paper stock, Factory Yellow. I selected the Factory Yellow stock due to its fascinating history with the ‘Canary Girls’ from the First World War. The book is entitled ‘CMYK’ as it was inspired by the relationship between paper, colour and print, and it is intended to be the start of a series celebrating G.F Smith’s Colorplan collection. 

‘1984’ is a response to the ‘Open|Close’ brief from the ISTD Student Assessment Scheme 2023. One of the key themes of ‘1984’ is the control of information and history, which is the theme explored visually from the point of view of the Party. Therefore, the opening chapter has everything but the lines “Big Brother is watching you”, and the slogans of the Party redacted as this is the only information the Party would want the reader to know. Due to Winston’s newfound love of Big Brother by the closing chapter, the Party has not redacted any of the text but highlighted key phrases.

‘Schwarzman’ is a display typeface designed in celebration of the engraved typography seen throughout the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library. The typeface currently consists of basic Latin uppercase characters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, and some Latin uppercase diacritics. As part of this project, a novel-style type specimen was developed in order to celebrate the typeface. Intended future development includes the continuation of Latin diacritics, further language support, and a lowercase character set.